4 Surprising Ways to Look Younger

4 Surprising Ways to Look Younger

A fresh smile and good posture brings youth your way.

Though striving for good health should come first, finding ways to look younger can contribute to overall wellness by packing on some positive vibes.   There’s a reason we have mirrors in our lives and we look in them before we walk out the door.

You can feel good about yourself and look younger every day if you:

Eliminate forward head posture.  What’s that?  It’s the result of years of slouching on the couch, sitting at computers leaning forward, and driving cars leaning forward.  In fact your head, which weighs an average of  8-12 pounds, has been forward for so long that when you exercise (walk or run) your head is still forward, your shoulders rounded.   STOP IT.  If you stand up straight, tighten your abdomen and pull in your core, automatically your head should come back and sit upright on your neck. Paula Moore (watch her You Tube) asks you to feel like a balloon is attached to your head, pulling you up, lengthening you.  You’ll look younger instantly and your clothing will drape your body properly.

4 Surprising Ways to Look Younger

There’s a surprising, younger difference when you eliminate forward head posture.








Keep your teeth clean and white, and smile often.  The eyes may be the windows to the soul, but a person’s smile opens the space surrounding them, makes an instant connection with people, animals, the universe.   Aging can alter tooth enamel as well as create spaces between teeth where food can linger.  There’s nothing worse than a smile that reveals what you had for lunch. Good dental hygiene twice a day which includes careful flossing can keep your smile looking its best.  Watch a periodontist demonstrate proper flossing.  You might consider carrying floss for emergencies and checking out tooth whitening pastes and preparations, if you need them.

Wear clothing that reflects your age and body type.  Buying clothing that was designed for a twenty-year-old will not make you look younger.  In fact, it has the opposite effect, accentuating the fact that you are not 21 and perhaps you’re in denial.  Clothing carries a very strong message and though you want to shout out that you feel healthy, that you are young at heart–wearing things that are too tight, too short, or too revealing only indicate that you need a reality check.  Everyone already knows that you won’t be carded on Friday night.  (Check out these smart dressing tips.)

4 Surprising Ways to Look Younger

You are only fooling yourself when you fail to wear clothing that suits your body type and your age.








Love the skin you’re in.    It’s never too late.  Never.  So start NOW: wear sunblock every day no matter what the weather or the season.  It’s hour to hour protection to keep your skin from aging.  Start your day by cleansing and moisturizing, then apply a sunblock with at least an SPF of 15 on hands and face; you should apply to other areas of exposed skin as needed.

Combine all four ways to look younger and “learn to love yourself.”  It is The Greatest Love of All and it will give you the bloom of youth.

Please share your surprising way to look younger.


8 thoughts on “4 Surprising Ways to Look Younger

  1. Thanks, Katie. It’s always fun to research these things. Next time you see me you can check for FHP, forward head posture!!

  2. Hi Beth,

    This is some great information, and I believe the most valuable message here is posture. We are so often consumed with our work stations, leaning over desks and computers, that we forget to sit up straight and keep our shoulders back. Mom used to keep after us about this, and as always, she was right. The proper posture sends a good message to everyone around us.


    • Yeah, I love the posture info. And I try to live it. But you can call me out when you see me next and if I’m not watching my FHP, forward head posture, let me know about it. Thanks, Beth

    • Hi Elaine, I think when we are busy or stressed we just go into that position. So it’s good to have a way to remind ourselves. We feel better, breathe better and ultimately look better. Thanks for your comment, Beth

  3. Hi Beth,
    I so agree about posture. I’ve learned a lot about the benefits of great posture through my chiropractor and how it also reflects how we feel about ourselves and our situations in life. I also learned through Tai Cheng and working with an Alexander Technique Teacher how correct posture helps us to breathe properly, allowing our body to relax. Thanks for sharing this!

    • Hi Talia,

      Thanks for your comment. I think it’s wonderful that there are modalities that mainstream medicine doesn’t always offer and that truly help alleviate pain. You mention chiropractic as well as Tai Cheng and the Alexander Technique. A friend of mine needed the latter to get over pain from poor posture. It did wonders for her. For my readers, here is a link. http://alexanderbabies.com/about-alexander-technique/

      Thanks so much, Beth

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