A Daily Mantra to Organize Your Time

It’s certainly not spiritual, but this daily mantra continues to help me organize my time; and when I am organized my spirit soars and I am more loving and helpful to those around me. My mantra is simple and works from domestic to business:

laundry, linens, ironing, grocery shopping, cleaning, yard work & plants, correspondence, and projects—

A Daily Mantra to Organize Your Time

What do I do next? With my mantra, I always knew.

The words are simple, but they run through my mind daily.  When raising three children and running a household, they were an incredible help, keeping me on task and reminding me of what had to be done.  My three children are now living and working independently, thus lessening the impact of some items on the list.  My husband I have moved and given up a huge yard for a small garden, so that item also consumes less time–but plants still need care and watering.  And finally though my focus is now the business of writing and researching, there are still domestic chores to accomplish.  So what were those words to me? A way to organize my day, to know what I had done and what I still had to do to keep things running smoothly.  The first two were easy to handle, I being blessed with a washer and dryer right inside my four walls.  I hardly ever iron, but the item included mending and trips to the cleaners also.

Grocery shopping has never been a favorite past time, though the world of food has opened up before my eyes.  The variety of things one can purchase to create a meal has dramatically changed since I baked chicken or potatoes in the eighties.  Now it’s salmon, shrimp and creative pastas on a regular basis.

Cleaning I have always done day to day, struggling to keep the clutter down.  I rather enjoy it, especially when I can devote 2 or more hours and then it is all done.

The vast amount of my time has always been dedicated to correspondence–whether that means making phone calls or paying bills, and now emailing or blogging.  Communication is the core of my being and I love it when it can consume the better part of my day.

Projects are often part of transformations–you paint a room, a piece of furniture, rearrange  furniture or reconfigure a cabinet.  You make a Halloween costume or prepare for a birthday party or holiday.  Projects allow creative juices to flow and are a welcome part of life–whether you have children at home or not.  Now projects are essays and articles, working on my novels and helping others with their writing projects.

In the end, I offer this as a key to how I stayed sane and kept things moving when life was exceedingly busy.  My mantra got me through the early years of work and then child-rearing years and the decision to go back to school and become a nurse and the busiest summer of my life when I started my nursing career and remodeled an older home.

Maybe one of the best things about my mantra is that it was in my head.  Though lists emanated from it, the mantra in many ways kept down the paper clutter and made me remember what was expected of me.

A Daily Mantra to Organize Your Time

Write your mantra down. In days you will have it memorized.

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