Be Exciting in the Morning

Be Exciting in the Morning

Sometimes I write blog ideas early in the morning. One day I typed: why you should be exciting in the morning. I immediately stopped typing and reread the sentence.  I thought I would be reading: why you should be exercising in the morning! 

But as you can see, I liked the concept of exciting a lot better—it was what my subconscious wanted to explore. And so I did.

Morning is my worst time of day.  I’m a night person. The 3-11 shift was perfect for me when I was a labor and delivery nurse. I’ll never forget, and in some ways cherish, my midnights of driving the Dan Ryan Expressway, especially at the height of summer.   Windows down, radio blasting I was part of a crazy community of cars racing through the dark going somewhere in those early hours.

My idea of a good time has always been staying up late, watching a great film or reading.  Then when my head hits the pillow, I AM OUT.

But I do believe we should be exciting in the morning!

WHY?  We have another day to live.

Same old same old, you are thinking.  Make this interesting.

In answer to that, the very things we encounter that are ALWAYS THERE or OFTEN THERE are the most exciting, because they are consistent, because they fulfill our inner desires.  We would get negatively excited if THEY WERE NOT ALWAYS THERE—our children, our spouses, our friends, our pets, our morning coffee.

And so I’m able to walk through my house–walk. Hear the heater click on in winter, or the birds starting up their orchestra in summer. Hear. I see pink streaks in the eastern sky and am drawn back to the kitchen when the perking coffee spreads its aroma. I’m waking up now. I’m starting to be more human now and I am excited. Not because I won the lottery or because I lost my cell phone.

I’m excited as I embrace the smaller features of my life, the senses that color and display what is embedded in me to truly define me, to encourage me, to represent me as happy.

If I am excited in the morning within the confines of my home, my excitement can really mount when I drive through the countryside or fly on an airplane, or move into a community of people that I care about.

So make yourself a promise that you’ll be excited in the morning.  Give yourself time to get there, then reach out to your family and share that excitement. ANOTHER DAY!!  Make it a good one.

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