Boomer Highway’s Summer Reading Picks

If Oprah can do it, so can Boomer Highway.  Here are recommendations for great summer reading—this week fiction.


The Paris Wife by Paula McLain

Ernest Hemingway met his first wife, Hadley Richardson, at a party in Chicago.  He found in her a lover and partner, a woman eager to encourage and support him as his parents and other family members could not.  They moved to Paris, the golden city of art and letters, Hemingway certain his work would flourish.  But Paris proved to be full of struggle for both of them—they had little money and Hadley soon learned that Hemingway would never be faithful.  McLain has created a Hadley that we cherish and support as her efforts to be the best wife, mother and muse fail in the wild and colorful world of Paris in the twenties.

The Tiger’s Wife by Tea Obreht

If you like your fiction brimming with enduring stories, myths and folktales then The Tiger’s Wife will carry you away.   Answering the question, what is your novel abourt, Obreht replied: “It’s a family saga that takes place in a fictionalized province of the Balkans. It’s about a female narrator and her relationship to her grandfather, who’s a doctor. It’s a saga about doctors and their relationships to death throughout all these wars in the Balkans.”  A beautifully written and wildly entertaining novel, this one will keep you in your chair.

Still Alice by Lisa Genova

This is the story of Alice Howland, a teaching professor at Harvard, who begins to forget things and after a few doctor visits discovers she has early-onset Alzheimer’s disease.  Lisa Genova has a PhD in neuroscience and her novel reflects her knowledge and research of the disease.  Alice clings to her normal life, but slowly must abandon her job and change how she relates to her husband, son and pregnant daughter.  A strong woman, Alice beings to live in the moment, adjusting to her new life and living each day as best she can.  Bottom line: she is still Alice.  One reviewer has written: “You will gain an understanding of those affected by early-onset Alzheimer’s and remain moved and inspired long after you have put the book down.”

The Lifeboat by Charlotte Rogan

In the summer of 1914, Grace Winter is accused of murdering the man in charge of the lifeboat that eventually carries her to safety.  After an explosion on the ocean liner taking her and her new husband back to America, Grace secures a place in the lifeboat, but it is over capacity.  In order for some of the people on board to live, some must die.  With the 100th anniversary of the Titanic occurring this year, The Lifeboat is an appropriate read and a page-turner.  Grace Winter is no saint and yet a truthful and compelling narrator.

Beauty in the Castle: Fairy Stories from Long Ago by Cheryl Corbin Kindle ebook

What if Sleeping Beauty was meant to sleep forever?

What if Rapunzel suddenly discovered her own ambitions?

What if the Beast was not who you thought he was?

What if our familiar fairy tales were not as familiar as we imagine?

Read three new twists on three old stories in The Beauty in the Castle: Fairy Tales From Long Ago.  Iowa writer, Cheryl Corbin, creates amazing fantasy and science fiction, but her love of fairy tales led her to ask the above questions.  From there she has crafted new and interesting twists on the original tales.  It’s been said that there is no new story under the sun—just many variations.  These provide a great read.




9 thoughts on “Boomer Highway’s Summer Reading Picks

  1. Excellent ideas for summer reading!
    Thank you for sharing, some of these sound like real page turners! I can’t wait to check some of them out!

    • Thanks for your comment, Natalie. I love to read and relax. I hope you find some time to do the same. Beth

  2. THE LIFEBOAT sounds fascinating. I love to read when air borne, be it for work or to see family. Always a comfortable seat and plenty of time to sink into a good book. Thanks for the tips, Boomer Highway…… Bill

  3. You are welcome, Bill. I read it on the ship, lol, but I didn’t have nightmares.
    Thanks for your comment. Beth

  4. Thanks for pointing these out and for the summaries. Dare I add another book to my reading pile that’s about to topple? I haven’t been tempted in a while, but you’ve got some good ones here I just might have to try.

  5. HI Beth–thanks for the tips. I read the lifeboat and Tiger’s wife. Liked the Tiger’s wife better. kept you absorbed until the end!


    • Hi Pat! Tiger’s Wife was quite a read. Of course the medicine and the fact that the grandfather was a doctor truly held me. I have always enjoyed sharing books with you. What else have you read lately?? Beth

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