Caroline I See You


Caroline I See You

Sunshine, blue water, singing birds, the music of Bach and two people in love equal the perfect wedding.

In honor of my oldest daughter’s marriage.

Sometimes you hear a song and it speaks to you–the music, the lyrics–you dream on that song. This week’s post honors all of us dreamers and Caroline in particular.

“Caroline I See You”  by James Taylor 

Caroline, I see you standing on the stairway, waiting for your bear there.

Handy on the landing, penny in my pocket, high enough to hold you.

When I come back home to you tomorrow, you may well be angry, I’ll for sure be hungry.

Meet me in the middle, make it melt like chocolate, be my little baby.

I take you down by the water some December (May) morning.

Take you from your family, leave them with their longing.

Take you by your hand, somewhere on the sand.

Caroline, I love you, though I’m late to say so, hesitate to tell you. What will be your answer some December (May) morning?

Standing on the stairway, Caroline, I see you.

Hearing the music of this lovely song is even better–just click on the link below and to all my readers, thank you and have a wonderful week.

Caroline I See You

Thanks to Victoria Dosch Photography


13 thoughts on “Caroline I See You

  1. It was a beautiful moment, between two beautiful people, amongst a loving family. Just what every fairy book dream would offer…….


    • I think it was a dream come true. Thanks for sharing the day and the spirit of their love. Beth

  2. What an incredible way to honor your daughter’s wedding and tell her you love her. I am moved to tears. Thank you for sharing your life with us, for giving us readers moments to reflect on our own lives and especially the joy we experience from our own children.
    Your children have been blessed with parents that love them and gave them many tools to succeed in this world.
    God Bless all of you!

    • Thanks for your belief in my motherhood, Natalie. It is a gift, believe me. I have been blessed with my children. They are amazing people. Carrie and Ben have one car, so while he was gathering items for our trip to the Vineyard, Carrie walked home from alterations with her wedding dress in a bag. She’s quite a woman. Oh and it was raining! Beth

  3. What beautiful sentiment! The photos add to the beauty. The happiness on each face is a testament to the day. May that moment in time be a spring board for Carrie and Ben’s love to grow stronger with each day.


    • Thanks so much, Dear Godmother Pat. We know your blessing helped make the day one of 70 degrees with sunshine and bird song. The forecast had been for rain.

      Eager to see you in Chicago when we celebrate again, Beth

  4. Beth,
    I am so glad you shared your memories & pictures of Ben & Carrie’s wedding day. As the saying goes “all’s well that ends well” . It may have taken 9 years but Carrie has obviously found her soul mate & we are so happy for her.
    As the pictures attest, Carrie & Ben looked radiant. I loved her dress , so simple & elegant & her gorgeous bouquet. You didn’t look too bad yourself !
    We send them our best wishes for a long & happy life together.
    Sean & Madeleine

    • Hi Dear Friends,

      Thanks so much for your good wishes. They mean so much. You are gold friends for sure. Beth

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