Christmas Post: Health Is the Greatest Gift

Christmas Post: Health Is the Greatest Gift

Health. It’s a big gift in our family right now. For many of us. Grandchildren are growing and learning–my granddaughter is now taking art classes and I see colorful, meaningful work in her future. All three grandchildren love to scooter or kick a soccer ball. They are  healthy in body, mind and spirit. My husband’s smile and his bear hug greet me each morning. What a blessing he is well this Christmas. What my family and friends share with me are gifts you don’t find in newspaper ads or flashed on the TV screen. You can’t buy them on some made-up shopping day–cyber or black or whatever.

Christmas is about health in mind and body. Health in soul. For some it will be easy to pray and believe in Christmas or the faith of your ancestors. For others who are struggling with depression, physical pain or the loss of home, security or a spouse or child–it will be a lot harder this year. Faith and spirituality might be challenged.

When I awoke in the dark this morning, I hesitated  about the next breath in my life and its purpose. I could hear my husband preparing for his day in the next room–always stalwart and full of purpose he is. But I held back, thinking that the busyness of life keeps us away from thoughts of our death. Then I got up. Got into that busyness. But I was still clinging to images of things as I made the bed and stretched. I was remembering the red sweater that my grandmother knitted for me years ago and gave me for Christmas. I wore it for years until it began to unravel at the waist. I was remembering the dough ornaments that my daughters made in preschool. I was remembering my son’s first Christmas and the joy in my heart when we posed for that Christmas card picture–all five of us.

My grandmother has been gone for years. How is her life still linked in mine? I have her DNA, but the sweater is also gone. Life is unraveling day to day. The ornaments are broken in the box and my children are scattered.

So now on to the busyness of each day and the bear hug in the morning that is the best Christmas gift there could ever be. I will bow to the Christ child on Christmas and to the greater God of all religions and be thankful for the gift of life and health. In the face of death I don’t know how I will be. But I’ll think about that some other day.

Merry Christmas. Grace and blessing be with everyone. I wish you health in mind, body and spirit.

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