Eight Ways to De-stress with Massage

Is traffic building up on the Boomer Highway?

Are your kids coming home because of unemployment?

Are care-giving activities wearing you out?

Or is your job description taking in more duties every day?

Time for a massage.

But massage is not just a deep tissue kneading of muscles that can make you relax.

The most important part of the definition—provides sensual stimulation.  And when any of our senses are stimulated, we can forget problems, release tension, and de-stress.

So try one of the following massages:

  1. sit by a fountain or walk by a lake or ocean—listen to the music of the water, feel the touch of the spray on your skin;
  2. feast your eyes on a work of art—a painting, sculpture, drawing, pottery, collage; soak in the color, the flow of the lines and become part of what you see;
  3. lie on the earth and stretch your limbs, fill your lungs with fresh air; then stop and meditate—find a cloud and lose yourself in it;
  4. read a story, a fiction tale, something you can wander about in without statistics and science to weigh you down;
  5. watch a funny film, one that makes you belly laugh so that you are eager to share it with others;
  6. cook up a storm—wander the grocery aisles in search of amazing tastes and smells and bring back a recipe that makes your mouth water;
  7. enjoy your favorite music—does it make you want to dance, sing, or just sit and listen; does it make you laugh or cry;
  8. massage your body with essential oils like lavender and lemon; then climb between clean sheets and relax;

Whatever you decide to do

however long you are able to do it

escape the worries and stresses of your day and enjoy moments in your life.

You deserve it!

This amazing photo makes me de-stress.  Thank you Mazda6 (Tor)’s photostream