Gay Suicides

These are our children.  IT HAS TO STOP!  The fear and deep misunderstanding that many people in this country have of homosexual males and females has to give way to openness and conscience.  And it has to come from churches and temples and mosques.

These are our children who are hard-wired differently.  No one would make that choice if they could blend in to the majority and avoid the persecution, the bullying, the name-calling, the depression and sorrow.

Joel Burns of Fort Worth, Texas gave a stunningly honest portrayal of his life until now, emphasizing that it does get better.  HE IS ALIVE TO PROVE IT.  He wants young people to be strong, hang in there, call him for help if they need it.

But don’t blow your life away.  Stay with us, help us to see the change that time and hard work can bring.  This prejudice will fade.  Society will change.  Joel pleads for teens to stay and believe that their lives will get better.

He has to be right!