How to Get Your Life in Balance

Try standing on one foot with your other foot on your thigh and close your eyes.  Are you rocking back and forth a bit as your body searches for balance?  You might even need both feet back on the floor.

That’s a metaphor for life—we need balance in our day-to-day living.  It helps plant us solidly in our experience, keeps us from toppling over.  Balance nourishes our immune systems which when impaired affect memory, sex drive, and accelerate the aging process.  Lack of balance means stress and 

In our lives right now, more than ever, we need to find ways to avoid stress and find a good balance.

So you’re thinking: exercise, healthy diet, rest and sleep.

Yes—but in addition to those, consider utilizing the following tools to put balance back in your life: 

Grab on to the positive —thinking positively lifts your mood and spreads to those around you.  If you are grateful for another day of life, that will be contagious and others will respond in kind.  Certainly, it’s not always easy—and you might have to reflect on those things in your life that are going well in order to crank up your mood.  Here’s something to try: a friend taught me the following mantra, and it works: Every day in every way I’m feeling better and better and better.  

Curtail your anger and hostility—redirecting frustration by doing something that provides a reward will make you feel better.  Sometimes life dumps negative energy on us.  For balance we need to take that energy and burn it out in exercise or a physical or mental chore.  That’s much better than sitting in the kitchen and picking a fight with the first family member we encounter.

Pick a positive person—being around chronic complainers or people with toxic lives can profoundly affect your life and drag you out of balance.  It’s best to limit the time you spend with such people or avoid them totally.

Attack a problem—avoiding the elephant in the room insures that feelings of frustration, anger and helplessness will build up inside you.  Be assertive and communicate your feelings.  When you have stated your position on life situations, you are more in control and less likely to become a victim of circumstance.

Make a situation tolerable, change your reaction—altering your attitude can make lines of traffic an opportunity; listen to your book on tape or make a cell phone call.  Attitude is everything.  Check yourself to see how you react in certain situations.  Are you angry, tense, your heart racing?  This is an opportunity to get balance back in your life and change your reaction.  If it’s the commute, can you alter your work hours, change your route or create a car pool with people you like?   If it’s your work situation, that’s tough one.   But your ability to deal with whatever it is with a positive attitude could get you far—or at least through the day.

Look at the big picture and make time for fun—remembering that we are on this earth for only a short time will stop us from obsessing over the small stuff.  If it’s not important, let it go.  Take that precious time and do something fun instead.

This is a lot to consider, so go slowly—pick one tool and work with it. Once you see results, build more balance back into your life by using another tool. You’ll discover that the tools overlap and that practice makes perfect.

Your life will be more in balance.  So if you stand on one foot with the other on your thigh with closed eyes will you still wobble?  Probably.  These tools won’t turn you into a dancer or gymnast.  They will get you to laugh and embrace your life–that’s true life balance!

Inspired by the work of Sherry Torkos author of Saving Women’s Hearts

Photo compliments of orangebrompton photo stream