New Moms Should Own a Pen and a Camera

Hi Almost-To-Be or Very New Moms,

You’ve got the crib and the boppy, sheets and baby clothes.  Now make sure on that last trip for diapers and baby lotion—that you buy a pen, a baby book or notebook, and a good camera—not just the one you have on your cell phone.

Why?  You’re about to go on the most important journey of your life and you want to remember it.

So Baby arrives and you are ecstatic and tired and post-partum and in the rush of time and sleepless nights, you put off getting a camera or using the one you have.

Don’t.  Babies grow quickly, change quickly.  The tiny one gets baby fat and stretches out.  The hair comes in or falls out—just depends.   Change is constant and you won’t remember unless you have photos.   And unless your brain is not affected by fatigue, you won’t remember when Taylor first smiled or Jordan’s first tooth poked through.  Milestones need to be recorded.  Write them down.

I don’t have time! New Mom, find it.  Photo taking and keeping a few notes once a week should take less than 30 minutes.  You truly won’t regret it.

‘Cause one day I was sorting books in my son’s room and it hit me like the proverbial ton of bricks—I had no idea when I read him a library book for the last time.  And that question tossed me down the rabbit hole of so many others: when was the very last time I rocked him to sleep, read him GOODNIGHT MOON, pushed him for a long walk in his stroller?

There was a last time, but I wasn’t aware of it when it was happening.  Maybe that’s a blessing.  But I did have a baby book full of his firsts and the funny things he did, the words he said, the times he made his family laugh making us so thankful we had him.

REMEMBER: the pattern of time, the busyness of life –these make it impossible for us to remember everything that happens as our children grow.  It’s called progress.  But I felt really bad—I should have remembered the last time I rocked my last child to sleep.  I’m his mother–wouldn’t I just feel it, know it in my heart?  Wouldn’t something whisper to me—Beth, this is never going to happen again.

So Moms, buy that camera and that baby book.  In six months you’ll already be wondering where your infant went and he or she will still be there—forever preserved because you took the time.

2 thoughts on “New Moms Should Own a Pen and a Camera

  1. Thanks for the read and your reply, Gay. You taught me a lot about preserving memories. I have enjoyed your photos and Tom’s videos so much! And I have my scrapbooks of pictures! Now it’s photos on the Net in a “cloud”. We’ve come very far!


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