Seven Things About Me Award and a Publication

Seven Things About Me

Seven Things About Me is an award created by bloggers so we’ll get to know each other better.  Karen and Wendy who share their laughs and worries on their blog afterthekidsleave (with the tag: First we rent out their rooms!!) listed me with six other bloggers. Thanks Karen and Wendy. Here’s what they said about me: Beth at Boomer Highway. Her posts are practical, thoughtful, and full of important tips to help us navigate through mid-life. This award brings duties: first, sharing 7 things about myself with my readers.  So here goes:

1. I was raised on the southside of Chicago.  Go White Sox!

2. My husband and I, 42 years married !, don’t know when we met as we’re from the same neighborhood and went to the same grade school.

3. Growing up I was fortunate to have 3 amazing female role models who maybe didn’t realize it, but their influence made me a strong woman: my mother, widowed in her early thirties with a six-year-old, a three-year-old (me) and a three-month-old to raise, and two single aunts who earned Masters Degrees in English at the University of Chicago.  This certainly helped me raise two very strong daughters of my own.  And my amazing son.

4. My first major work was a two page story about a tornado.  (there are a lot of those in the midwest)  My 4th grade teacher praised me and my writing career began.  I pursued writing in high school and college, but my dedication increased when my daughters were young–then I wrote short stories for small literary publications and took writing classes at the U of C.

5. I have had two careers: secondary school teacher of English; labor and delivery RN. Both were very rewarding–but I guess I always go for careers with a burnout factor.

6. I have written three unpublished novels, a section of which you can read online this Wednesday. (see below) I love blogging as it keeps me in touch with other writers and thinkers.  I also teach diabetes education at the health department.

7. Reading is my passion and I am indebted to each one of you when you READ my blog.  I am even more grateful when you share your comments and ask me to research other problems, situations, concerns that boomers have. Thank You.

To complete my award duties, I have chosen the following seven blogs for the Seven Things About Me award.

1. Marianna Paulson’s Rheum Full of Tips, a post each day to help people deal with rheumatoid arthritis, but helpful to all of us who want to navigate life and still be easy on our bodies.

2. Living Better at 50,, an online women’s magazine that offers great articles on health, beauty, travel, home and relationships.  Carol Doyel is a great friend and has published many of my blog posts.

3. Fab After 50, a blog from England and the brainchild of Ceri Wheeldon, is a positive take on being 50 plus. The blog covers up-to-date information on career, money, beauty, and relationships.

4. is a bright and varied blog that offers poetry, book ideas, travel notes and always great photographs. Check out and see what she’s up to.

5. Conscious Departures, preparing for what ultimately lies ahead, is an artistically written blog by IJ Woods.  Using careful thought and research, Conscious Departures asks the hard questions that boomers face: what will we do when and if we become caregivers for those we love.

6. Robert Avsec writes a blog that gets a lot of inspiration from the heat of the moment.  That’s logical because Bob is a retired fireman whose passionate feelings about his country, his family and women’s rights keeps me reading.

7. Last but not least, Karen and Wendy’s afterthekidsleave. Want a tongue-in-cheek take on aging, all aspects of it, read K&W. THANKS! 

On Wednesday, September 12th, an excerpt from my novel, FORGIVING, will appear on the Necessary Fiction website.  Writer in Residence, Nancy Freund, who I met at one of the University of Iowa Summer Writing Workshops, graciously asked me to contribute to Necessary Fiction while she is editor of the month.  Click on the links above to read my entry–on September 12th.


7 Things About Me

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8 thoughts on “Seven Things About Me Award and a Publication

  1. Beth, it’s amazing how one can share so much in “seven”. As I read each one, I thought, “I didn’t know that.” 🙂 Mission accomplished.

    Thank you for mentioning A Rheumful of Tips. I’m deeply honoured to be listed here.

    • You are the best, Marianna. I’m glad you liked the 7 things I listed. Mission was accomplished and as we share back and forth we will learn even more about each other. Beth

  2. Beth,
    It was good for me to see some of your background I did not know. I also like that you are sharing the sites of these other bloggers. I will be checking in with them.


    • Hi Pat,

      Thanks for your comment and for reading! Do you remember Dan Folgelberg’s song with the line “and there’s too many windows in this old hotel” it keeps running through my mind! Wonder why. Now you know something else about me. Beth

  3. Loved the picture! It reminded me of the home I grew up in in south St. Louis. I was in St. Louis a couple weeks ago and drove my daughter past the house I grew up. Brought back a lot of memories! I don’t know if they did this in Chicago, but in south St. Louis we sat on the porch at night and waved to the neighbors!

    • Katie, so cool of you to write. That’s exactly what we did. Two houses across the street had porches just like ours and on summer nights that’s where everyone was. We actually screened in one end of the porch for years. Beth

  4. Hey, Beth–thanks for the kind words, and so cool to read your list. Like you, I tend to choose high-burnout jobs (in my case, social work); and it’s so sweet that you and your husband have known one another since grade school!
    Take care,

    • Hi Karen–social work is even more taxing, I think, than teaching or being an RN. But women are often nurturers and I think we are often called to such professions. A week ago I found a great article about male nurses which talked about the fact that many men are called to that profession because they too have strong desires to help and nurture and care for people. Love doing 7 Things About Me! Thanks, again. Beth

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