Stay Healthy When You Travel: Tips

Stay Healthy When You Travel: Tips

Here are some tips to stay healthy on a germ-filled airplane.

Travel is only fun if you stay healthy and arrive feeling good.  When traveling these days there are so many ways you can arrive at your destination incubating a virus or bacteria.  Here are a few tips to follow so that you can enjoy your vacation, visit, business trip—without getting ill.

  • Frequently clean your hands with a gel cleanser kept in your purse or pocket; remember to buy a size less than 3 oz. that can go through security;
  • Use the hand sanitizer often, especially after trips to washrooms;
  • If on an airplane, turn off the overhead vent; you don’t need the draft and you don’t know what the air contains that it blowing on you;
  • Swab a small amount of an antibiotic cream like Bactroban inside your nostrils before leaving home; the cream will help fight viruses that want to make a home in your nose;
  • If you are immunocompromised from a chronic illness, purchase a N-95 mask to wear on a plane or train, especially if the people around you are coughing or sneezing;
  • Clean the seatbelt, tray table and arms of your plane seat with sanitary wipes;
  • You might think to swab your suitcase handle when you pull it off the belt on arrival;
  • Try not to touch your face as you travel and if someone sneezes, close your eyes.  Viruses love to enter through our eyes, mouth and nose.
  • Some travelers flush their noses with saline solution once they arrive at the hotel etc. You can try NeilMed Sinus Rinse that is available at drug stores.
  • Always have plenty of tissue with you.
  • Finally, wearing ear plugs protects you from sinus pressure as you take-off and land on airplanes and can provide a quieter environment if you happen to be around noisy passengers.

With these travel tips you will stay healthy and arrive feeling good.  You’ll be ready to have fun or get your business accomplished.

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