Thoughts for This Season 2017

Thoughts for This Season 2017

No matter what your beliefs, reach out to others. Especially now.

Dear Friends,

I kissed my husband this morning and felt a profound sense of thankfulness. He still with me and our love still blazing, a simple kiss makes me incredibly grateful for this day and every day. And that gratitude will continue when our family gathers and we remember to honor one another and the memories and experiences that make us one.

Later, having my morning coffee, I can across a piece written by Katie Couric and was moved to tears. And so I am sharing her words with all of you. I think this appropriate–when another writer can say something better than I can–then yes, I want you to read this too.

In the piece, Couric recounts losing her first husband, Jay, to colon cancer. Then she writes about her new marriage and the life she has taken up since that great loss. She reflects on the experience and concludes:

Jay often said that I was born on a sunny day, which I took as a real compliment. But that sunniness can also blind you to the suffering of others. No more. Ever since Jay got sick, I have been keenly aware that there are those whose holidays are far from merry and bright. They might be next to you, picking out an ornament or tying a tree on the roof of a car. They could be ordering a standing roast or watching their child perform in an assembly or growing impatient when they can’t reach their carry-on in the overhead compartment. They are all around, bravely holding on to the present and terrified about the future.

If you know them, intrude on their privacy by reaching out, even if they turn you away. If you don’t know someone in this category, say a prayer for them and wish them strength and what Emily Dickinson described as “the thing with feathers”: hope. And if you’re lucky enough to have your health and the health of those you love, look around, soak it in and take a moment to say THANK YOU.

 Katie Couric is an award-wining journalist and a co-founder of Stand Up to Cancer. This piece appeared in the December 25th issue of TIME MAGAZINE, along with pieces by ROBIN ROBERTS, PATTON OSWALT, KESHA, GABBY GIFFORDS and MARK KELLY.

May this Christmas and the New Year provide your families and our country with good will toward EVERYONE. Beth




11 thoughts on “Thoughts for This Season 2017

  1. A profound thought, when so many are too busy to take notice of their neighbors. But taking that notice might become the brightest star on your Christmas horizon…..

  2. Love this Beth. You had me tearing up reading this also….Emily Dickinson’s poem, “Hope is the thing with feathers in it” is one of my favorites…I reminds me so very much how much I have to be grateful for even though my dear husband Ken is gone. Cherish that kiss from yours always….

    • Merry Christmas, Carol. Though right now the kitchen smells like garlic and a friend is over trying to fix a cabinet in the kitchen before 11 come for dinner, I’ll cherish the kiss. Hope your days are full. Thinking of you, Beth

  3. Hi BEth! Merry Christmas to you and your entire family. And yes. Those of us who have much to be thankful for must never forget that every day, every moment is a gift. I never, ever, ever want to forget how blessed my life has been and intend to do my best to share my Light with everyone I encounter. May the remainder of your year be filled with love, peace and happiness! ~Kathy

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