Updates on My Life: Parenting, Writing

Updates on My Life: Parenting, Writing

On the way home from a writer’s retreat, I’m up in an airplane, praying. No, it’s not turbulence, it’s thankfulness. I have just attended a four day retreat with fellow writers, and I’m feeling grateful for: words, ideas, computers, paper and pen–and most of all READERS and fellow writers.


But as always, I think of my three children down below me–their lives spanning the continent: one in Boston, one in Chicago and one in Palos Verdes California. Ah, they are all so different, yet all working with the same DNA. They are my dear friends and sometimes my quiet critics–and they are all mine and my husband’s amazing fault! But the prayer is one of thanksgiving and of WONDER.

Because here I am still adventuring and they are living their own pathways and their own adventures.


At some point, all three started the journey with the same gifts: ate the same foods, heard the same loving words and lullabies, enjoyed the same childhood books and music, were hugged and tickled, encouraged and guided by the same parents, grandparents and other family members.

But being their own individual people, along the journey, doors opened or closed to these common elements. They chose who they would love, where they would live, what they would like and dislike, what is most meaningful or as #2 says, what blows your hair back. 

It’s called becoming who we will be and has many labels. Here are a few: guitarist, classicist, vegan, green, poet, agnostic, spiritual counselor, politically involved, iconoclast, getting by, wealthy, MA, BA–singular in choices and proud of it.

And I am proud of each of them–their pursuits, the people and places they love, the devotion they give to music, children, work, the environment, their lover, their country and always the words on the page. They all know the value of reading, of poetry and prose, of research and knowledge. Damn, they are all so WONDERFUL.


These words, I hope, lead to thoughts of your own creations, whether living on the planet or existing in your head, the children of your mind. We bring to our culture so much besides our DNA–great thoughts power the globe.


is a link to my book of stories which continues the journey of being a mother and having a mother (we all do.) It’s my A MOTHER’S TIME CAPSULE, now available on Amazon in ebook form at a lower price–3.99.

Here is the link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075PH3D2D/

Thanks for reading. Thanks for all you do to help another human being, whether it’s your own flesh and blood or a total stranger. We are all in this together.

P.S. Sample story here: http://boomerhighway.org/windows-one-mothers-view-of-her-world/

Updates on My Life: Parenting, Writing







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16 thoughts on “Updates on My Life: Parenting, Writing

  1. Since I stayed single until my wedding on October 24th of 2015, it is difficult to understand how a parent can assess each of their beloved children. Lovingly, as Beth has, to begin this very interesting Boomer Highway. Perhaps I can assess my mother, as she was my single parent since my father passed away when I was three months old……
    Stern (her thumb was straight, not bent, and she was proud of that), wise ( she saw certain characteristics in each of her children and helped them excel at them), connected to nature ( a true lover of trees), and a reverent Catholic, with a belief that was unshakeable until her last breath. So I am sure my Mom saw me as the son with a heart for the person who worked at the news stand, or the kid that caddied at the golf course. I was that kid, and being proud of that heritage allowed me to embrace it and become a success. But my Mom knew it long before I did, and guided me to find it. Just the way most parents do…..

    • Beautiful words about a woman who I don’t think any of us can replace–she was IT for us. And as a mother, I know I followed many of her insights, but then each of us has to find our own path. I love thinking that my own children might have gleaned something from me in the process. And it’s okay if it’s only a brief thought, or the ability to make a decision on the right side of giving. We watch, we learn, we grow. Thanks, Bill, Beth

    • That is so true. Because when we go on, we can offer so much more. We are still leaning and growing and that fills us up and those around us.

  2. It’s not just a gift to ourselves that we move forward with our interests, our creativity, our goals. It’s also a blessing for our children. Like yours ,my creations are living their own exciting and productive lives. But they love to talk about what we–their mom and dad–are doing. It’s another way to connect and it keeps the conversation fresh and the burden off them.

    • So true. Though a widow, my mother worked into her 80s, had lots of friends and created a life for herself. Doing that made living my own fuller and richer. Great point.

    • Hi Laura, you are so right. My three couldn’t be more different, yet there are certain FAMILY TRAITS, like loving music, that they all have.

  3. Beth, your lovely book A Mother’s Time Capsule captured so much of what motherhood is, and no matter the different circumstances the bottom line is love,the giving and receiving of love. I often think of the melding of nature and nurture, that molds a person and many times there are surprises, things that are great, things that are tragic. I couldn’t have known what was ahead for my son, and glad I didn’t, for those times of worry, there are so many more that bring me joy in watching him as he starts his life over again, developing an even deeper passion for his guitar playing that is key, along with faith that better days are ahead. I love him dearly and am grateful every day for what life brings.

    • Carol, I am so glad that life is good for your son and then, of course, for you. When our children hurt, we are in deep pain. Thanks for your “readership” it is so appreciated. Beth

  4. Hi Beth! It sounds like your retreat was wonderful and exactly what you needed. How great is that? And speaking of that, it also sounds like your children are remarkable and that is no doubt because you are a great mom! Plus, I love that you are willing to see the unfolding of your life from here as an adventure. We would all do well to do that! ~Kathy

    • Such lovely words, Kathy. Sometimes it is difficult to see one’s life as an adventure, but whatever we are given, in the end we do learn and we do grow. THANKS SO MUCH, Beth

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