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Being a member of the hectic sandwich generation, I blog to help slow down the frenetic pace of life. I published A MOTHER’S TIME CAPSULE, a collection of stories, so that my readers could reflect with me on the many aspects of motherhood. A registered nurse, health educator and writer, I am passionate about preventative health measures and women’s health. My aim is to inform and uplift as we deal with the snags in the fabric of life that affect our generations—children and grandchildren. Working together we can solve problems, take a look at something that bothers us and find that there’s good in it—that will help us deal with the part that worries us. Wouldn’t it be great to navigate the coming decades on a peaceful road instead of a frantic highway? 

I am always grateful to my readers and would love for you to comment. Wishing you a smooth ride on the Boomer Highway.

Elizabeth A. Havey (Beth)



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  1. Thanks for your blog, Beth. Good information and creative writing! I went to see “True Grit” too and saw the same trailers and had the exact same reaction. I’m puzzled why everyone was startled by the violence in Arizona when our whole society is becoming inured to violence in the media, and in addition, we don’t give mental illness enough attention.

    • Thanks for your reply, Joan. We certainly don’t give enough attention to mental illness and often people joke about it. Lack of information seems to plague that area of medicine.

  2. Great blog. I have loved reading several of your articles. You are offering some very sage advice, if we are not taking time to care for ourselves it only spells trouble ahead. We did sandwich family early, and there were few resources. But I remember a nun, at a lecture, telling my husband and I “You can not do 24-7 with your loved one. No one person should occupy all your time. Keep it in perspective. You have to be available for everyone who needs you, including yourself.” I learned that there was real wisdom in what she said. Keep up the good work.

    • Dear Mary–

      I so appreciate your comment. In a world full of many talking voices, your positive input helps me continue to evaluate and find the best advice for this blog. Lately, I am finding my mother’s dementia changing–always a different path, and her voice and what she says is different. And in that voice is forgiveness and love, which we all seek.

      I will write about it.


      Beth Havey

    • Mary I went to your blog and read about you. What wonderful work you do. Again, it really is rewarding to be able to reach out to people in this massive community and make some connections. I will keep your blog in mind and thanks for the reference. One small thing, the last name is HAVEY no R. Always, Beth

  3. Sorry for the typo, thanks for the alert and thanks for visiting. You are so right to say that the blogosphere has made things possible that are amazing. Blessings. Mar

  4. Hi, Beth!
    We’ve nominated your blog for the “Seven Things About Me Award”–just because we think you’re awesome. To accept the award, you should do three things:
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    There’s a badge involved, which you can lift from our site.
    Of course, you can also choose to simply bask in our admiration, and that’s totally cool. Either way, we think you’re something special!
    Karen and Wendy

  5. Hi Simone–I truly would, but I am moving and my mom just died and my life is crazy right now. Could you ask me again in a month or so? I will follow you on twitter and check out your site. Thanks so much for the invite. Beth

    • Sorry to hear about your mom. Hope things settle down for you. I will try to contact you in a month or two. Simone

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  7. Beth, I just finished reading your lovely book A Mother’s Time Capsule. I cried and laughed, smiled and remembered many things, many emotions. it pulled my heart in many ways. I wrote a review for you on Amazon.com and will share once its published on Facebook. Best to you, and hope you keep on writing because you are awesome!

  8. Hello to everyone at Boomer Highway. Good day.
    I’m Andy, we have a new article entitled: Patient Handling In Hospitals: Urgent Training Required.
    Do you want to share it to your readers/subscribers?

    Sincere gratitude and all the best in everything,

  9. Hello….

    I’m laying in bed this morning, waking up on my day off, surfing the ‘net and I ran across your pic “First Kiss”. WOW…..

    First, let me say ‘what a beauty’….hell, what a great looking couple, and 44 years out of the deal is wonderfully amazing.

    The whole story plays into my completely distorted view of romance. I’m 66 now and though I have had and do have romance in my life, I can never reach that number of married years….at least with the same spouse. Now married for the third time, certainly not my life plan, but just the hand Life dealt me.

    What really grabbed me about the pic is the beauty and handsomeness of the couple, and the joy on your face.

    I had the same once, with the girl who was my first wife. I was so in love with her (there’s that distorted romance, all white picket fence and happily ever after), but alas, it was not to be, and the baggage of loving her for over 40 years has been quite a burden. A Pink Floyd lyric asks “Was it love, or the IDEA (emphasis mine) of being in love?” That was a huge epiphany just a few years ago.

    So that’s why I’m such a sucker for stories and pix such as yours. Your story is so rare, especially now days.

    If I may, please allow me to ask a question. Your name, Havey and for some reason I think your location is Chicago. I was born in Chicago and there is a Havey in my long past.

    Was there an Ed Havey in your extended background? WWII Navy veteran, and a lawyer? If so, there is an interesting connection…

    Many thanks for your time and am hoping to hear from you.

  10. Taking my lead from Sharon Greenthal, I am signing up to follow you! I’m also a blogger and a member of The Woman of Midlife. I hope you will support me too. Have a great day! Breathe Deep, Think Peace, Patty

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