Aging and Its Special Gifts

Aging and Its Special Gifts

A card that echoes a shared past.

I remember when I turned 30 and I was stunned by the concept. 30–was it possible!! My husband and I were already blessed with one child and hoping for another. Our day to day lives proceeded and before we knew it, we had our second daughter, had moved to a different house, were making new friends. What a good life! And then I woke up one morning and I was 42 and we had our son and I went back to school and my husband’s career kept expanding. Were we looking at our very lives??  Or were we living them. The latter. Because as life takes you down the pathway that you are kind of in control of–something else is happening. You are aging. Sometimes you realize it–a glance in the mirror, the death of someone your age, a disappointment. It causes reflection, which as we age becomes a gift.

The Gift of Aging–I’m Still Here 

I just had a birthday. I am healthy and pursing goals. I can look back on my gifted life and I can look forward. Certainly there’s more behind me than in front of me–yet a person in their twenties might hope it’s the opposite (more ahead than behind) but as mortals we never know.

Each day we could awaken and celebrate a gift. Wow, what would that look like?

  • My backache is gone
  • I don’t have a doctor’s appointment today, LOL
  • My daughter is going to call
  • I’m going to see my grandchildren
  • My husband and I have planned a hike
  • We’re picking up our friends from Chicago at the airport

There could be many more–I have time to read; I’m excited about the writing I did today; my hydrangea is finally blooming.

Slow It Down 

Life is blessed with the big and the little. And as we age, some of these things take on the importance that they should have always had. Because we now can examine each day with care, focus on the gifts of living, realize that the loss of a hectic life means time to take it in slowly and not in a hurried rush.

Friday I had a birthday. It didn’t end in a zero, but those years come around soon enough. Here are some of the precious and meaningful gifts I received.

  • My daughter in Boston sent me the collage above, reminding me that when she and her sister were little, we would make cards by cutting pictures out of magazines. The lovely gift echoed a memory that brings back cherished times. Thanks, Carrie.
  • My brother and his wife gave this gardener the gift of plants that will thrive, I hope, on my patio. Aging and Its Special Gifts








  • My son called me, cheered me on, sent me two songs he is working on. Love you, Andrew.
  • My younger daughter hosted a lovely day with all the family who are living in California. We celebrated at a dinner where we watched the sun drop into the ocean. A perfect ending–or was it another beginning? Thanks, Christie.

    Aging and Its Special Gifts

    After each sunset, we hope for a sun rise.







And there were gifts:

Aging and Its Special Gifts

Wow, she knows me so well.








Brennan, my grandson, created a book for me, Brennan’s Kitchen Secrets. I’m sharing only one page of this cookbook. Who knows, one day it might be copyrighted.

Aging and Its Special Gifts

One of Brennan’s recipes.

My granddaughter made me a bracelet and my other grandson presented the gifts at the party–he makes a perfect host.

There were phone calls and birthday cards in the mail and gift cards online and a couple from Chicago who always gift me with the Happy Birthday song off-key–of course. What would I do without these treasures?

They are the things about my life that I cherish and always will–my family, my friends, their presents of love and hugs and kind words; their creativity and out-of-the-norm gifts. My husband and I need them in our lives. I guess you could say that these are the gifts that aging brings. Not so bad after all. A toast to that!!

Aging and Its Special Gifts

Aging and Its Special Gifts

The art of a granddaughter’s love.

18 thoughts on “Aging and Its Special Gifts

  1. Beth, What a beautiful post! It sure looks like your pictures tell the story of your precious family and ‘Grand-Gifts’…specially Brennan’s Cookbook – aha, it will be marvelous, and your bracelet, flowers and a song shared by your son…what could be better than that! Life is enriched by family and you look like you have a loving generous one for sure. Enjoy every moment, age is just a number…this too shall pass. <3

    • Thanks my Dear Carol Boyer, how fun to find you on FB and to have you as a friend with your encouraging words. Hugs and love, Beth

  2. Happy Birthday! Tomorrow is mine, so we’re fellow Pisceans. My birthday is not a round number either, but I’m feeling its weight. I need to make a gratitude list too. Great idea. I may have arthritic knees, but I have a career I love and nobody’s going to force me to retire from it. 🙂

    • Hi Anne, I apologize for not getting to you post yet. What a weekend. Now it’s back to reality. We went to see SPOTLIGHT yesterday also. Amazing film that captured an awful time that better be ending. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Beth

    • Hi Rebecca, thanks so much. We learn as we go. We hold on to this things that really matter. Life is certainly a learning journey.

  3. Happy Birthday, Beth! Another year of life – a gift in and of itself!

    May your health continue to bloom, your friends and family shine and your words ripple out to touch the hearts and minds of those who read them.

  4. Those are very best kind of gifts! You are blessed. We all arfe who are gifted with time. Growing older has such wonderful delights, it makes up for the wrinkles, cracking joints and failig body parts 🙂

    • Hi Jennifer, thanks so much for reading, for tweeting for being a virtual friend. I will be eager to see how your hair is doing. But I must tell you, age doesn’t appear to be harming you at all–I don’t hear your cracking joints!! and certainly see no wrinkles. Wishing you lots of years and great health. Beth

  5. Happy, happy birthday Beth! And at our age I highly recommend you take a week or even a month to celebrate! Why not? I’m a big one for parties and celebration so birthdays are always a GREAT excuse to go to or throw a party and invite whomever I want. And good for you for recognizing that aging comes with as many benefits as anything. If we look for the good we find it and it sounds like you found plenty in your day. ~Kathy

    • Kathy, THANKS SO MUCH. I apologize as the weekend was so busy and I didn’t get to read your blog. I should go back and check it out. I so appreciate your friendship and your kind words. Today I got a good report from the cardiologist. It’s a beautiful day, I did some writing and am looking forward to a quiet evening with my husband. I am truly blessed. HUGS, Beth

      • Oh Beth! Besides having a birthday you have SO MANY blogger friends I’m surprised that you have time to get around to read half of them most of the time. You are always so generous and supportive with the time and encouragement you are truly a treasure for us all.

        • KATHY!! I’m really not that good, but I’m going to feel great the rest of the week, month, because of your email. Thanks, Friend, Beth

  6. Aren’t you a joyful woman! A joyful woman who is loved! Isn’t that all we could ever ask of this life? Happy Birthday to you and may the words spill forth all year long!

    • You are so kind, Mithra. Today is like having another birthday all over again. THANKS. I am joyful. And today I worked for two hours on a few paragraphs of my novel. I think I’m learning. May, as you said, the words spill forth. Beth

  7. Happy Birthday (again!) and what incredible blessings you have in your life. So much joy, so much to be thankful for.

    I love the photos and the one of all of you was beautiful. But, most of all, I adore the cookbook. A forever keepsake

    Thanks for sharing a piece of yourself with us. Lovely.

    • Why does NY have to be so far away. Well, I’ll settle for our virtual friendship. Hope you are feeling good. The cook book was a huge surprise and so enjoyable. I do think he is going someplace. Brennan has asked for cooking stuff and kitchen sets since he was 2!!

      I’ll keep you posted, LOL. Beth

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