Autumn Is Here! Are you ready?

Autumn Is Here! Are you ready?

Autumn Is Here! Are you ready?

I bought mums—four lovely burnt orange ones. I hung a wreath of yellowed leaves. I found flowers in my garden to cut and bring inside that echo the colors of autumn. It’s early yet, but it’s coming. And now that I am in Chicago, autumn will mean more than decorating with orange and gold—it will mean winds and rain and putting the garden to bed, making sure we have a good heavy quilt and this year—seeing if one of the two fireplaces we now have really, truly works.


No matter what part of our great country you live in, autumn is a wonderful time to test your decorating chops. Yes, I have the newest copy of Better Homes and Gardens. They always have great ideas and there have been times I’ve lingered in the grocery store, just paging through Meredith publications (where I used to do copyediting for their magazines). They provide so many wonderful country or city how-to’s for the seasons, especially this one.

But my favorite go-to, and how-to person who you can follow online–is French Country Cottage, presented so beautifully by Courtney Allison. Courtney bought a run-down cottage near San Francisco, totally rebuilt and altered it, while building a blog, writing a book and taking amazing photographs as she proceeded. Her business flourished by incorporating furniture pieces from showrooms, but even better, by finding antiques and cast-offs and showing us that you can create amazing rooms with these–but even better by using what you have, and loving what you use—and always thinking FLOWERS, fresh or dried.

Today Courtney wrote: Chunky blankets, cups of warm cider, candles and a cozy fire in the fireplace. And home truly is our haven this year with spending so much more time right at home. Today is all about a simple autumn look in the dining room & tips for creating a cozy feeling in your home.

Here are a few of Courtney’s tips: Bring those muddy orange pumpkins inside for a bit of color while staying on the softer side of autumn. Forage your garden and yard to find dried elements that inspire you and create a gathered arrangement for autumn.

And my advice? Don’t forget the candles to warm the colors and cozy the mood. Above I’ve shared some of the throws and delights that I will be using as the wind picks up. And below is a photo of a modern home that brings the nostalgia of life on the farm alive once again.

Do you make changes in your home when autumn arrives?

What is your favorite way to celebrate the autumnal equinox?

Autumn Is Here! Are you ready?

Warmth and memories.

4 thoughts on “Autumn Is Here! Are you ready?

  1. Fall, almost end of September, none of us, our contuing care community, said it outloud but in the spring/summer, we never expected the pandemic to be going on, certainly not so strongly, into the fall. But we were dealing with it. Now with a rate 12x higher than CDC says it would be safe to do, our Governor says “Enough” and lifts all limits, rules – bars, indoor restaurants, beaches, supermarkets,name it…you all open up, come on down, no need to bother with masks here. Be happy, spend money! We hope our community follows the wise rules, guidance, centered on public health, our lives more than our entertainment and convenience. Protecting ourselves from our own government. Something I never expected.

    • Dear Joan, Wow, it’s an insane time to live. Every day truth fights with lies and Ruth is gone to help us cling to reality. When trump was elected I couldn’t believe it and he has allowed all the evil to crawl back from under their rocks. I guess I just wanted to write about something sane in an insane time. I don’t know what else to say, Beth

  2. Today, my county experienced its record high of COVID positives. To me, fall is going to mean the end of whatever freedom we had in my county of New York State, besides the chance to bake a good apple crisp and scent the air with cinnamon. As a senior citizen my husband and I border the age where COVID-19 becomes really serious. So, although I have my glass pumpkins and my metal pumpkin out, my fall tablecloth in place with the fall placemats, and a couple of small bouquets of silk flowers, it’s more a time of sadness than anything else.

    • I know, Alana, and I am right there with you. I have written with anger and sorrow and just thought I needed to write something more uplifting. Virtual hug coming your way.

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