Celebrating the Positive

Celebrating the Positive



HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY, Dear Reader. And when you read this, I hope you will feel some sense of peace and some happiness.

I’m not counting on OUT AND OUT JOY! That’s a big hope. It’s a word I use to describe my wedding day, the birth of my children and grandchildren.

But this year of 2021, we have certainly BEEN THROUGH IT.

Some of you have lost family to Covid19. Many of your know neighbors, work partners and friends of friends who have lost someone. And loss has trickled down: loss of jobs; loss of investments (that trip you couldn’t take); loss of friendships, because of the turmoil in our government, the splitting apart of relationships because “I don’t need to be vaccinated.” Well, if you are going to be around me and my family, YES YOU DO.

I can deal with this stuff as it relates directly to me. But I get in the major “MOTHER BEAR” mode when I think that people against the vaccine, for whatever reason, might infect MY FAMILY. THAT MAKES ME CRAZY.

So on this FOURTH OF JULY weekend, I am wishing your health and safety, joy in family and friends. I also support each and everyone of you who decides to CHANGE IT UP. Maybe that family gathering isn’t for you this year. Maybe you are against fireworks, especially if they could cause fires in our “getting too warm” climate.

The one thing I might suggest, especially if you will be staying home this 4th of July: that you reach out to your neighbor. You know the one. He always helps carry in a heavy package, sometimes shovels your walk or let’s you know your car has a flat tire; she is kind to your children, arranges play dates, abides by your rules as to sweets and is always there when you need a friend or a mother, because yours lives miles away. It is that community that is built from house to house, street to street. It is that community that will do much to heal our American wounds.

Small starts are good. They will make each of us better. They will heal us.

Peace, Everyone, and a Happy Fourth of July.

6 thoughts on “Celebrating the Positive

  1. I identified with this because yesterday, we went inside someone else’s house for the first time since the pandemic started and even ate indoors with them. Small gathering, everyone vaccinated and the host only socializes with vaccinated..She’s been taking “baby steps”. But still – her father is elderly and she still wants to be careful. We had an after dinner conversation relating what the pandemic had done to us and to others we knew. You are so right – we each had our own individual losses and we have to work through it in our own ways – but there is something we can do that is universal please, please, everyone, get vaccinated. We are so fortunate to have the shot available for us – so many people worldwide don’t, yet.

  2. Thanks for your words, your kindness and your love of others. That’s being a great friend AND a patriot.

  3. This is perfect, Beth! Here’s to small starts and healing from within.
    I have to confess that a tiny part of me wishes those vehement anti-vaxxers would just move to a planet by themselves, but, let’s face it, that isn’t going to happen. Sigh.
    So I will simply carry on. Giving kindness when I see the opportunity.
    Maybe between us, we can make that small start!

  4. To those reluctant to get the vaccine, I have this to say: “If it continues on long enough, Covid will get you. Don’t be so stubborn, get the shot.” But they won’t listen…

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