Dear Women, Are You Depressed?

Dear Women, Are You Depressed?

Dr. Margaret Rutherford, a clinical psychologist, understands the difficulty that occurs when you might think you are depressed, but you really don’t want to seek medical help. Previously, she did a survey which I shared on Boomer Highway, Dear Men: Are You Depressed? Take a Survey. It was very successful and you can go to her blog to read some of her findings.

Now she is focussing on women and she again asked me to share a survey with my readers. She created this so that you can ask yourself some questions, possibly getting a better handle on whether you might be depressed.

To take the survey go here. You will be asked to take the survey using a Google Form which requires checking a circle.

If you are curious before going to her site, here are the questions:

10 Question Survey: Female Depression and Openness To Therapy

Depression symptoms include being sad or discontented most of the time, having a negative outlook on things, being fatigued, having no or little desire for sex, finding little pleasure in what you do (even if you used to love doing it). Perhaps having anger outbursts that come out of nowhere. Not sleeping or wanting to sleep all the time. Having trouble concentrating or making decisions. Maybe feeling nothing at all. Just numb. It may be you try to fix it, by overspending, drinking, overworking. Throwing yourself into something. Focusing on others. It can come on gradually or can be triggered by an event or a loss. In severe cases, it includes having thoughts of hurting yourself.
Given this, could you answer a few questions?

Do you think you have ever been depressed?
Whether or not you answered yes or no, please answer the next few questions.

What might keep you from telling someone if you were depressed?
Others would think I was weak or think less of me.
They might not keep it confidential.
Depression is not something I would admit easily.
I never talk about how I really feel.
Belief I will get over it.

Would you be more likely to tell a female or a male?

Would you talk to your family physician and seek medication?

Would you talk to him/her but not seek medication.
Would you consider going into therapy if you felt depressed?

If you would consider going or have ever gone into therapy, please check the major reasons.
Believe getting problems out in the open is good.
Talked to a friend who had gone into therapy that had been helpful.
At my wits end and tired of feeling this way.
Fear of hurting myself.
Realization that my symptoms were having a negative impact on others.
Can afford or if a struggle financially, it’s worth it.
Getting negative feedback at work or concern from friends.
Husband/partner asked me to do it.
History of abuse I have never shared that I am ready to talk about.
Don’t mind asking for help. Think it’s okay to rely on others.
Don’t want to take medication or if on, want to try to stop.

Please check major reasons if you would not consider going into therapy.
Someone would find out.
Am uncomfortable talking.
Feel that it is weak.
Have never asked for help. Am independent.
Don’t believe that others need to know your problems.
Mental health professionals are weird people.
I don’t believe in depression.
Can’t afford financially.
It wouldn’t be worth it, even if I could afford it. Have other financial burdens.
Don’t have time.
Don’t think I would ever commit suicide.
Suicide is a right and an option.
Think it will go away.
Drink or smoke pot regularly to take care of it.
Would rather take medication.

Would you prefer a male or a female therapist?

Some quick questions about you.

Living together

Do you define yourself as heterosexual?

We might have missed something. Please tell us in your own words why you might or might not seek therapy , especially if you were depressed or suicidal

Dr. Rutherford stresses that this is anonymous. Going to her website and doing the survey takes 5 to 10 minutes. She needs all ages. And please know that the results will be used in her upcoming book “Perfectly Hidden Depression” which she will be posting on her  website

So click on the following link and take the survey. It can be found in this blog post: 

I’m going to head over there now and take the survey to help her out! Thanks for reading.

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Dear Women, Are You Depressed?

4 thoughts on “Dear Women, Are You Depressed?

  1. I haven’t taken the test but will, however, I think we are all depressed at certain times during our lives, it’s how we deal with it makes all the difference. Happy Fri-Yay

    • You are so right, Antionette. I went through a period of depression but had a wonderful counselor to help me through it. And my regular doctor who was a great help! Happy Friday right back, Beth

  2. Depression awareness is crucial since it is overshadowed by a couple misconceptions. First, depression is often hereditary, so if you grow up around depression, it can seem like the norm. Second, women are often ridiculed for being too emotional, so being depressed can be perceived as self-induced emotional drama.

    • Thanks, Tricia. I totally agree and to your point, it is very important that we as women not ignore the signs of being down, of weeping frequently or not wanting to be with people. Sometimes we bury aspects of our lives so we don’t hurt or interfere with the lives of others. We must care for ourselves first or we won’t be able to reach out to others.

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