Holiday Dressing: Dos and Don’ts for Boomer Women

Holidays call for smart dressing choices.

It’s Christmas and Boomer women are either scouring the stores or their closets for the right dress or outfit for many different occasions.

A few tips to remember:

  • do start with the right foundation: flattering undergarments are worth the investment;
  • do know your strengths and play them up: some women feel more comfortable in “matchy” outfits and others prefer to be creative;
  • do organize your choices in color groups, especially if you are traveling and need to conserve space in your luggage; think winter white, silver, taupe, grey, navy, brown or black;
  • do accessorize with jewelry, shoes and possibly a scarf or jacket;
  • don’t try too hard–know when to stop.  One statement piece is sufficient.
  • do gain inspiration from magazines and displays in stores; you can even check with your daughter but…
  • don’t dress like your daughter!
  • do be open to change.  Try a new boot, scarf or accessory to update that black dress or navy suit;
  • don’t be afraid to take some risks.  The older we get the more we know ourselves and can take ourselves lightly.

Many thanks to Robyn Olson for these great ideas.

Thanks to Royal Free Stock Photos and Kirsten.michelle photostream

Your daughter can look like this but you might not be able to!!