Today, as a New Year begins, I want to thank all of you for reading my posts, for commenting and for helping me continue to be the writer I have always been. I’ve shared a lot of my life with you, my dreams and sorrows, anger and joy. And you’ve been there to read and comment. 

Life is better when the thoughts that build inside of us can be shared with others. Wishing you a healthy New Year this amazing 2022. Blessings on all of you and may your lives be rich in ideas, beliefs and love. Beth 

Sending the Light of Words & A Big Thank You

Sending the Light of Words & A Big Thank You

Every evening during this winter season, I enjoy the Italian lights on my Christmas tree and the candle that burns in my family room. But even more I enjoy the light of words, the words on the page of the book I’m reading. Or the words of dialogue in a film or some other entertainment that my husband and I watch together. It’s involving and meaningful to enter another world, to experience how others react in situations of love, worry, happiness and sorrow. We learn more about our humanity through reading or experiencing the drama and comedy of how others live. Sometimes we cry, often we laugh. But always we learn.

And when joining with family and friends to celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah and then the New Year, I wish you all moments that light up winter darkness, that encourage you to share the light of understanding–or a wonderful family story that makes those you love laugh or cry.

And thank you for reading BOOMER HIGHWAY. See you in 2020!

always, Beth    

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Happy New Year from Boomer Highway

Happy New Year from Boomer Highway

Happy New Year. As we welcome 2015, I want to thank you for hanging out with me on the Boomer Highway. I hope my posts have been helpful, interesting and often got you on a pathway that made life less stressful. I look forward to a new year of posts. I welcome your comments and ideas. Let’s continue on this road to mind-body wellness for a longer, fuller life.

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