Boston, Mass.

As I write, there are birds singing outside my window. The sun is shining. It’s in the seventies. A perfect California day. Comfort, YES. But it can quickly change to NO.

But there is also the unknown. That Life is not normal. (And please don’t stop reading, because I’m not going to sigh and moan. I am going to search between the positive and the negative.)

Life is not normal because of the unknown, because the enemy is invisible and yet seemingly everywhere. Pinning it down to fight it is no easy task. Being positive during the fight is no easy task. I believe that’s why people are getting angry, and many have decided to just give up.

They want life to go back to normal. They want to say YES to their past habits. Forget all this BS about staying six feet away and wearing face coverings. They want to say NO, I’m not going to do that anymore or NO, I’m never going to do that.

And then it gets all twisted up in the politics. If I leave my house, go to the beach, eat in a restaurant, I’m living my true American life—I’m FREE to do what I want. Do what I damn please. That’s what freedom is all about. America too.


Freedom doesn’t work if there are no rules. We no longer live in the so-called WILD WEST where people were armed and shot others without a moment’s thought. Or enslaved others: minorities, women, children. Freedom now lives in our country, precisely because we instituted laws and rules. Things are regulated. The food we eat; the clothing we wear, the vehicles we travel in—all are regulated by laws and inspections. And yes, we have choices within the confines of those regulations.


Only if you believe, as I do, in the necessity of regulations and inspections. They are part of your day to day comfort. If you’re told not to buy romaine lettuce because it’s contaminated—you don’t buy it. And you can’t SEE that on the lettuce.

Now we’re told not to be in crowded places with other humans because of COVID19. You can’t see the virus—same problem. So, I guess some people are comfortable buying the lettuce and going to the beach. It smacks of the same principle—this COVID19 virus thing. But I do know it’s damn  harder.


No, I’m not comfortable with denying the words of the scientists, medical experts. If I leave my house and go into a public place, I will wear a mask. Currently, a medical-type mask. Maybe down the road, I’ll be satisfied with a pretty cloth mask. We have immune system issues in our family. And this morning I decided—because there are more and more people deciding to deny the virus and challenging people wearing masks, that if someone comes up to me and starts that argument—I’m going to say right out: I’m immune-compromised. And hope they just take off.

I’m going to be like the RN who was standing in line at the grocery store wearing her mask and a woman, out of nowhere, challenged her.

“You think that thing is going to protect from some damn virus?” the woman said in a loud voice.

The nurse immediately turned to her: “Yes. But I am really wearing this mask to protect you. I just came from working in the hospital.”

The loud-voiced woman immediately took off. The comfort scale for her at that moment was a NO!


So where are you on the comfort scale?  I have to tell you, Dear Reader, that it’s been tough on me. We are selling our home. What a time to have had strangers walking through. First, it was wiping down doorknobs and surfaces as soon as we could return home. Later, the state of California set up rules for realtors. That helped. But it’s still the last thing one could ever want to be dealing with—strangers in your house during a pandemic. Strangers making comments on forms after an inspection: you left a nail in a wall; you’re one window doesn’t open easily and there’s a line of chipped paint on that window sill. OKAY!! I just want to tell them all to get out of my house. Leave me alone. Let me shelter in place. I can handle this. I have been handling it. And yet, soon, it will be me looking at someone else’s home. I guess that’s just the way it is. COMFORT is somewhere in the “we are living in challenging times” middle. PLEASE, stay safe and share your thoughts. 

PHOTO CREDIT: Charles Krupa/AP