The Gift of Winter Winds: Surprise and Memories

The Gift of Winter Winds: Surprise and Memories

Of course I would believe my younger daughter Christie and my husband if they were all about my choosing the proper outfit to wear to a fundraiser last Saturday night. John and I were to arrive at my daughter’s home at 5:00pm to enjoy some time with our grandchildren and then leave around six for this event. The Los Angeles area was experiencing strong winter-like winds and because it’s the holiday season, the notorious 405 freeway was even more notorious. We finally ditched that plan and took side roads to our daughter’s house. Bottom line: WE WERE LATE. But I had no clue. The fundraiser would have to wait.

At the front door, my Harry Potter loving granddaughter had, unbeknownst to me, covered a party dress with her Hogwarts cape, eager to show me one magic trick before we left. I was told to close my eyes as she led me into the family room. When I opened them? The magic was a tent attached to the house and strung with sparkling Italian lights that shed glow on the faces before me. HAVE YOU EVER BEEN GIFTED WITH A SURPRISE PARTY? This is my blessed third. It’s a stunning experience.

I was blown away with the winds of surprise. Why was my older daughter Carrie and her husband here? We had just texted earlier that day. She was in Boston. And my son Andrew was in Chicago with his girlfriend Amy. They weren’t arriving for Christmas until the following Thursday evening.

NOT! Here they all were and my brother and his wife and my grandchildren and son-in-law and my niece and her boyfriend. Here they all were smiling and shouting Happy Birthday, though that date is a few months away. But all agreed with my younger daughter–people would be gathering for Christmas, let’s celebrate MOM now.

And so they did, with an elegant meal and flowers on the table and glasses of champagne and fancy hats. Because this was my Jubilee and was celebrated as if we were all attending an English garden party to celebrate my “quiet” aging.

But mothers who are dearly loved don’t get away with perfection. The banner expertly and lovingly prepared by my older daughter became a list of mom-isms. I could tell that everyone contributed:




WHITE TORNADO (I love to clean)          BEAUTIFUL SINGER (some exaggeration)



They also presented me with a book of memories that include precious letters from everyone there AND notes from friends from everywhere. My younger daughter Christie contacted people and they wrote back or emailed. She typed up those who emailed! Lots of work and yet so precious. She also added photos that people sent. Something to cherish, her labor of love beyond words.

Though the winds have died down in southern California, winter is here and so are the holidays of the season. I wish all of you celebrations and precious memories as you gather with those you love, Beth.

The Gift of Winter Winds: Surprise and Memories

Feeling like a queen.

The Gift of Winter Winds: Surprise and Memories

My grandmother’s china on the table, a wonderful reminder of connection



15 thoughts on “The Gift of Winter Winds: Surprise and Memories

  1. Your surprise party was a gathering of people who love and cherish you. And in these confusing times in which we live, it is nice to know that there is goodness in abundance if you know where to find it……one usually can find it in ones family 🙂

    Merry Christmas to all the Boomer Highway family…..Bill

    • You are my number one reader!! Your gift will be in the mail soon. I have no idea what it is LOL!!!! A blue ribbon??

  2. Ha..Think I just sent you your own post. What a wonderful family, but what an amazing mother and wife you are to your loved ones. Wishing you an amazing holiday season and Happy Birthday too.


    • I am so touched that you commented. Thanks, Dear Gaylene, and blessings on your family this season, Beth

  3. WOW!!!!! What a wonderful surprise!!!!! Nothing better then being wrapped up in the LOVE of your FAMILY!!!!
    Wishing you continued Blessings & many more years to enjoy them all!❤️
    Gay Lynn

  4. Beth happy early birthday sounded like a wonderful
    Celebration for someone who’s birth certainly deserves to be
    celebrated with delight, Tom

  5. Dear Beth, Nothing could be more precious than to be celebrated by your loving family and in such a beautiful way. And um….your “quiet” age….Ha….you don’t look a day over 39. What a memory this ‘Gift of Winter’ will be for you, but wishing you many more.

    • Thanks, Carol. It’s wonderful to have your friendship and your words. May this season reward you with love and blessings, Beth

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