Today It’s All About Gratitude

Today It’s All About Gratitude


Today I just want to say thank you. Yes! It’s all about gratitude today, about thanking my readers for commenting and for hanging in there with me and Boomer Highway when a post didn’t interest you and for showing up when one did.

I’m grateful to my husband and family who always support my writing and to my friends who get me. In this age of ebooks and virtual everything on line, it takes a decision to sit with someone’s blog post for five or ten minutes to read it. And that’s a wonderful thank you. I spend time on each post, hoping that I will deliver something helpful, interesting and well researched.

How did Boomer Highway come to be?  How did I get here?

One day in 2008, I typed the following list:

1. Sign power of attorney papers for Aunt LRR, 96

2. Call the head nurse at Smith Village regarding LRR’s increasing dementia

3. Submit paperwork for Mom (92), her Medicare Plan D; try to explain to her about the donut hole!!

4. Work with son AJH on completing college admission forms

5. Research new protocol for husband’s leukemia 

6. Find a house for family reunion to be held in August

7. Proofread daughter CHS’s master’s thesis

8. Discuss with oldest daughter financial planning because of job loss

9. Get a gift for first grandchild who lives far away—don’t want her to forget me

10. Take some time off for myself – write!

I was not working at the time I wrote this. I was overwhelmed. But I needed help to navigate all these events in my life.  Then as time passed, life, as it often does, sorted some of this out: my dear Aunt died a peaceful death soon after; my daughter’s thesis was accepted with honors, a new better job appeared for my older daughter, and my son was accepted into a good university.

If you have been reading Boomer Highway, you know it’s about: the snags in the fabric of life that affect my generation and my children and grandchildren. 

I want to solve problems, to stop racing along the boomer highway. Is something bothering you that I could research and help you with? I’d be glad to. Please chat and let me know. Together we can slow down the frenetic pace of the boomer highway and find ourselves on a peaceful road as we navigate the decades to come.   

Boomer Highway was also frequently about my mother, who died this year, because she suffered from dementia. I wanted to share what I learned about this confusing and stressful condition. I wanted to help others with aging parents or relatives. I wanted to help caregivers because they cannot ignore their own health while trying to deal with someone else’s. I have also written about the virtual friends that reached out to me when my husband was very ill. I am daily filled with gratitude because he is well now, doing great.

Along with thanking you today, please note that the new tag line for Boomer Highway will be: Your road to mind-body wellness for a longer life. 

Because my focus is still to help you with: aging parents, adult children, grandchildren, and your own aging—I want to continue to help you slow down the hectic pace of boomer life so you can find some peace and downtime. Mind-body wellness is key to that, key to a longer happier life. Information helps us make good choices and hopefully avoid life’s complications.

Future posts: more information on low blood sugar; scams to watch for; rediscovering your talents.

I am grateful for your readership, your tweets and FB mentions. I am grateful for the ability to sit at my desk and write.  Send me requests or questions.  I’ll do the research and write the post and you’ll be helping me keep Boomer Highway humming along. Take care.

Thanks to fun





4 thoughts on “Today It’s All About Gratitude

  1. Beth, love you and Boomer Highway! I enjoy seeing the email pop up in my inbox. Keep up the great work keeping us on the right road.

    • Ella, you are the best. You and Robyn Olson and others get me back to the computer to research and write some more. THANK YOU. Have a great day. Beth

  2. Your blog is insightful, educational, humorous and so full of important information. It’s a pleasure to read and I always am excited to see the new post pop up in my email. It’s like a friendly aside every few days telling me to stop for a moment and think about what I need to do for myself, if even for a few moments.
    Looking forward to many more posts.

  3. Natalie, thank you. Your comments are so welcome. If I ever need someone to advertise for me and my blog, I will know where to go. MANY THANKS, Beth

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